Wednesday, February 24, 2010

In Memory of Mrs. Matheny

I have been behind on my blogging this week.  It has been one of those weeks around here.  I found out yesterday that a very dear woman in my life passed away suddenly. When you get that call it doesn't seem real and that it can't be happening. I was wanting here to be here for selfish reasons.  Her life here on earth was spent serving the Lord. She taught the precepts bible study at my church.  I learned so much setting under her teaching. I am truly blessed because I knew her. My prayer is that I will be that Godly woman that she wasSo many of us have cried over this loss these last few days. If she knew we were crying she would be so upset. She lived for heaven and she is there praising the Lord.
Psalm 23

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  1. Dayna was really upset about it too. Mrs. Matheny was such a sweet lady. I had her for Homeroom and Home Ec. in Jr. High. And I attended one of her Bible studies years ago. She was a great teacher!