Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gene Simmons Family Jewels

The Simmons clan is back for its fifth season on A&E, with Gene, Shannon and their kids, Sophie and Nick.This may seem like a strange post for some of you.  I love the show Gene Simmons family jewels that comes on A & E.  If you don't know he is a member of the band KISS. Its funny because growing up I wasn't allowed to listen to them. I just so happen to run across this show and it made me laugh so Kevin and I have been  watching it ever since. A couple of weeks ago the Mom on the show, Shannon, found a lump on her breast which proceeded to show the process of going to the Doctor and having it checked and then a biopsy. The thing I liked about this is it showed you what to expect and the process you go through.  Several years ago when Savannah and Connor were just little, I found a lump. I called the Doctor and they saw me that day. As the Doctor was checking the lump he said do you have a history of breast cancer? (Which I did, my grandmother had it in the 80's when it wasn't talked about, which she had a mastectomy and is a survivor) I remember feeling this knot in my throat and thinking OK this is not good and how could you ask we this while you are doing this exam. Within the week I was having a mammogram, ultrasound and  a biopsy while I was there. All I could think was I have 2 small children and what will I do.  God truly gave me the strength to get through that week waiting on results. Everything came back fine and it was benign. It made me so aware of the need for mammograms and early detection.  Never be afraid of mammograms they are not bad at all and be aware of any changes in your body.  
This episode will air again on April 12 @ 8:00pm on A & E.  If you get a chance you should really watch this.

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