Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Presents

I wanted to do something unique for Mother's day.  I went to Target and bought 2 different pocketbooks.  Then I made flowers for each one to make them original. 
Here are the directions for the flowers.
 I cut out 5 different sizes of flowers on material.  I started at 5 1/2 inches and went down an inch for each one. I cut them out and stacked them largest to smallest.  Then I sewed them all together and covered a button and attached it to them. I hot glued a pin on the back so they could attach to the fabric of the pocketbook. Here  is the finished product.


  1. tell Karena and Peggy if they don't want it, I'll take either one of them. :)

  2. Great idea. They're so cute!

  3. Super cute! Saw these on Strut your Stuff Thursday, love the idea, and so simple!

    Katie P