Wednesday, July 7, 2010

DC Trip

Last week our family headed up to DC for a few days.  My husband's brother and his family live near there so it was a time to visit family.  We decided to go into downtown DC for a tour.  We went on the DC Duck tour. This is an amphibious vehicle that tour you around all over DC then turns into a boat and you float down the Potomac River.
We were able to see all the sights in DC. With a total of 6 children this is the way to go.  Our next visit we will go to a museum, but this was a good way to break them in to all there was to see.
                                                                      Union Station
                                                                      White House
                                                                        Lincoln Memorial 
                                                              Washington Monument 
The yellow things in the boys mouths they called "quackers" These make duck sounds that will drive you up a wall but the kids loved them!
                                              The kids had a wonderful time with their cousins! 

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